Other Services

Distinct services, available upon request:

ProofreadingThis term can mean different things to different people. In publishing, proofreading is technically the last set of eyes on a document, manuscript, website, etc. after it’s been copy edited and formatted for publication. It’s too late for big changes at this point; the proofreader looks for typos and formatting problems.

Developmental EditingThis more directly shapes the content of a work. Editing of this nature may involve total rewriting or reorganization of a work and would take place before manuscript copy editing begins.

For nonfiction, a developmental editor works with the author on the way the material should be presented, the need for more or less documentation, etc.

In fiction, a developmental edit addresses plotting and pacing, character development and arc, as well as voice and other elements.

Publishing services—Preparing a manuscript for publishing with CreateSpace or other on-demanding publishing, for Kindle or for iBooks is not rocket science. It can, however, be tedious. If you are in need of layout and formatting for indie publishing, I have the experience and tools.