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Katie VorreiterKatie Vorreiter copy editor

An avid reader as a child, I would get lost in other worlds. There’s a magic in that process, wherein the author imagines a path for readers to follow via their imagination. As a writer myself, I never tire of that magic.

A passion for communication and the written word influenced the two majors I completed at the University of California at Santa Barbara. I love the power and flexibility of language: both my native tongue and my adopted one. Spanish has been a labor of love for over two-thirds of my life. I spent a year abroad in Madrid, Spain, during my junior year in college, and another summer between years in graduate school. I keep my skills sharp by teaching middle-school Spanish, reading Spanish fiction, and traveling to Spanish-speaking countries whenever possible. In particular, the lovely island of Cuba retains a piece of my corazon, as do its amazing, warm people.

I edit because I’m very good at it, and I have an unswerving belief that a finished product should be polished. I have a sharp eye, a good ear, and years of study and practice under my belt. There is joy in adding value to a manuscript while at the same time slipping out unseen by the reader, leaving a piece to wholly reflect the intent and flavor of its author.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it’s vor-EE-ter, as in “Katie Vorreiter is a voracious reader.” See? It just rolls off the tongue.



Certificate: Professional Sequence in Editing

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Master of Arts: International Trade Management

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